Sapelo Island, Photo by Carl Fredrickson



RPS Monthly Meeting with Speaker Kathryn Kolb
Composition and the Dynamic Symmetry of Art & Nature
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, September 2, 2014, 7:00pm-8:30pm

For the last 20 years, Kathryn Kolb has focused her energy on fine art photography of natural forms and landscapes, as well as educating about the rich, diverse ecosystems of the Southeast and environmental stewardship. Her fine art photographs are found in significant public and private collections as well as national and international venues.

In addition to being a fine art photographer, Kathryn is a Master Naturalist and is new Director of EcoAddendum, leading naturalist walks, giving educational talks and workshops in photography and in understanding native ecosystems in both urban greenspaces and regional wildlands.

Kathryn is known for a meticulous compositional style in her photograph and is engaged in exploring and articulating the relationships between fine art and natural forms and the geometries and science they have in common.

To see her photographs, bio and artist's statement, see

September Photo Review - Our Judge is Michael West
Theme: Hot or Cold
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 7:00pm-8:30pm

This month we are exploring images that evoke a feeling of hot or cold. When the image is viewed, that should be the first impression. Note that this is non-vintage, so images must have been taken in the past 12 months.

A little about our judge: Michael West's dynamic and dramatic beverage, food and product photography has been helping major advertising agencies, design firms and corporations communicate their message for more than 25 years. His evocative fine art work is included in numerous public and private collections and hospitality settings nationwide. Please visit to view Michael's work.


RPS Monthly Meeting with Speaker Jan Kapoor
Pinhole Photography
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Jan Kapoor has been involved in fine art photography for many years, her primary interests being landscape, natural abstraction and still life. She has been drawn to specialize in pinhole imagery for the past several years, using her collection of handmade cameras in various medium to large formats. She finds that pinhole is most expressive of the imperceptible passage of time, making visible that which is invisible to the ordinary eye, and of the mystery of non-human life which surrounds us.

A little about our speaker:

Jan Kapoor prints extensively in alternative processes including cyanotype and platinum/ palladium. Digital technology has become another important creative tool in her work.

Jan's artistic expression has been greatly enhanced by her fine arts background, which includes studies in painting at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston; a two-year program in fine art photography at the Southeastern Center for Photographic Arts; and completion of a BFA summa cum laude in photography at Georgia State University.

Jan exhibits her work extensively: locally, nationally and internationally. Her work is in private collections throughout the world, and is also in several private and corporate collections in the United States. She has published several books of her work, including The Intertidal World; Camera Obscura; Japan: A Visual Journal; and Ossabaw Island.

To see Jan's work please visit:

10/18/2014 Roswell Photowalk and Competition
When: Saturday, October 18, 2014, 8:00am-11:20pm

Date: Saturday, 10/18.

Location: Meeting at Smith Plantation Pavillion. Parking available at Roswell City Hall.

Time: Meet at 8:00 AM for welcome and selection of themes. Photowalk 8:30 AM to 11:20 AM. Lunch 11:30 AM (optional). Participants are invited to meet for lunch at Pastis, 928 Canton Street, Roswell, GA 30075.

Sponsors and Door Prizes: Showcase Photo & Video and Peachtree Camera Repair are helping sponsor the event with a variety of prizes.

Price: $10. Your ten dollars will be used exclusively for this event's awards. All other costs will be covered by RPS.

Competition: Each participant can submit up to three (3) images of his or her choice from the photowalk by midnight on Friday, 10/24. Images will be submitted online and will follow the monthly photo review digital submission dimensions. Images will be judged by Mark Alberhasky. Awards and award monies will be determined by the number of participants and entrance fees collected.

Awards: A slideshow of all submissions and announcement of awards will be presented at our November 4th meeting.

Questions: Email Gittel Price.

** You may purchase RPS polo shirts to wear during our Photo Walk.

10/18 Photowalk and Competition Entry

October Photo Review - Our Judge is Ron Sherman
Theme: Black-and-White | Open
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 7:00pm-8:30pm

In this “Open” competition month, photographers are allowed to enter their best work on any subject as long as it is in black-and-white. This is a vintage month, so the image could be captured anytime during the photographer's lifetime.

A little about our judge:

Ron Sherman is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has traveled the world for advertising, corporate and editorial clients for over 40 years. He has been published in major national magazines including Time, Life, Newsweek, Business Week, Forbes and Sports Illustrated. Among his many corporate clients are IBM, Coca-Cola, Georgia Power, BellSouth and Eastman Kodak. His assignments have also included marketing and publication photography for more than 125 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. He has a stock photo library of more than 500,000 color and black and white images, which are leased for publication purposes. Ron’s work has been used in annual reports, advertising, multimedia productions, brochures and posters. 

He started Computer Aided Photography, Inc. in 1991 to explore the creative possibilities of combining the use of photography and computer technology. His current major project is to digitize more than a thousand 8"x10" and 11"x14" silver gelatin prints that he made in the 1970s and were licensed by a New York photo agency until the mid 1980s.

For more information and to see Ron's work, please visit


RPS Monthly Meeting with Speaker Andrew Michael Phillips
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 7:00pm-8:30pm

November Photo Review - Our Judge is Nicole Tyler
Theme: Inclement Weather
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 7:00pm-8:30pm

When looking at your image, it should be obvious that you have depicted that inclement weather is evident. Note that this is non-vintage, so images must have been taken in the past 12 month. 

A little about our judge: Maryland native, Nicole Tyler is a freelance photographer in the Atlanta metropolitan area. She is a graduate of Gwinnett Technical College’s esteemed photography program where she was selected as the Best Portfolio winner of her graduating class and received her A.A. in Commercial Photography and Digital Imaging. Nicole has had the privilege of working with the PPA International Print Competition for 3 years and, in 2012, she began teaching at the Showcase School of Photography.

Nicole has worked on projects for a wide range of clients from studio portraits and commercial videos to still life and architectural photography. She specializes in studio portraits and corporate photography, and brings a wide range of knowledge and enthusiasm to her portrait sessions and classes.



RPS Monthly Meeting
Annual Holiday Party
Where: ARC (Adult Recreation Center)
When: Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Annual Awards:

  • Photographer of the Year
  • Print Photographer of the Year
  • Digital Photographer of the Year
  • Photograph of the Year